Martes, Julio 14, 2020
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Community Builder Component

Community Builder is an iconic community platform for Joomla. It serves primarily as a profile extended to Joomla, allowing more substantive controls and options for user profiles. The extension is developed by In Affinity, there is styling to adapt the Community Builder layout to the design of the template, such as the modified tabbed design, adaptations to the input areas.

Community Builder is a free 3rd party component for Joomla so you can download it without the need for purchase. However, JoomlaPolis do charge for their documentation so if you feel you need need their documentation, you will need to purchase a subscription with them.

However, in any instance, the template will still provide basic styling for the component.

Note: Community Builder will not be available as part of the RocketLauncher.

Main Features

  • Works natively with all flavors of Joomla and Mambo
  • Extended registration – add more fields to registration application, approval workflow via front -end moderation, add captcha for spam protection, real-time (ajax) email address checking, unique username (ajax) checking. Choose one of four available workflows.
  • Field types supported: text, text area, single checkbox, multi-checkbox, radio, editor area, image, file, ajax text, rating field, integer field and delimiter field. Additional field types can be created and installed as CB plugins
  • CB login module that displays member image, link to profile, private message integration, captcha integration, etc.
  • CB Moderation module to present front-end moderation actions for CB Moderators
  • CB Online module to display online members (also works with Joomla online module)
  • CB Content module that displays CB menu items, CB Fields and CB Tabs in a module position.
  • Create unlimited user lists to display specific data for each member. Sort and filter lists as needed. Create specific list menu item. Select which CMS group members should be candidates for user list. Specify if user list is searchable or not. Dynamic user lists transform themselves based on viewer (e.g., show all members that live in the same country as viewer).
  • Enable profile image uploading and front-end moderation (via CB Workflow module) or allow avatar selection from given gallery avatar items
  • Enable connections feature to permit members to connect to each other with or without approvals (configurable)
  • Extend CB profile with CB plugins. Built-in plugins include PMS integration (e.g., uddeIM), forum integration (e.g., Kuena), article integration and newsletter integration (Yanc). CB Team released plugins include: captcha, autowelcome, gallery, profilebook (with blog and wall), privacy plugin.
  • All front-end elements are language ready and can be modified or translated as needed.

For more information pertaining to Community Builder, please visit a FAQ page here

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