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RokAjaxSearch Module

RokAjaxSearch is a truly powerful module that brings fantastic search functionality to Joomla, using the powerful and versatile javascript library, Mootools as well as full Google Search integration.

RokAjaxSearch offers AJAX powered real time search results for both your Joomla site content as well Google Search. There are various configuration options and parameters allowing you to enable not only Google web search, but Google Blog search, Google Image search, and Google Video search. In order to use the Google API functions (i.e. the ability to use Google search in your site for local and external searches), you must register your own API Key. Please see http://code.google.com/apis/ajaxsearch/signup.html. This in turn, must be entered in the API Key field in the module params, as shown in the diagram below.

How do I configure RokAjaxSearch?

We will take a quick look at the parameters you will find when you install this module. There are 4 columns, parameters, options, demo and description. The parameter column lists each available setting for the module; options lists the available options to choose from; demo lists the options chosen on the demo and description outlines what the module does.


Show Title Enabled Position Module Class Suffix Search page URL Advanced Search page URL Include default CSS Theme Style Searchphrase Order Limit Results per page Google Web Search Google Blog Search Google Images Search Google Videos Search Google Ajax Search API Key Show Pagination Google SafeSearch Image Size to Search Show Estimated Hide div id(s) Link to all results Show Description Include Category/Section Show Read More


Yes : No Yes : No List of position Text Field Text Field Text Field Yes : No Blue : Light : Dark Any : All : Exact Phrase List of orders 5-50 3-50 Yes : No Yes : No Yes : No Yes : No Text Field Yes : No Strict : Moderate : Off Small : Medium : Large : XL Yes : No Text Field Yes : No Yes : No Yes : No Yes : No


No Yes search leave blank Search Advanced Yes Blue Any Word Newest First 10 3 Yes No Yes No API Key Yes Moderate Medium Yes leave blank Yes Yes Yes Yes


Enable/Disable the module header Enable/Disable the module Choose the module position Add an extra tag to the HTML Link to the search page Link to the Advanced search page Set No to load template specific CSS Choose between prebuilt themes Search parameters Order of results Number of results Number results per page Use Google's web search Use Google's blog search Use Google's images search Use Google's videos search Insert Google API key Show navigation in results Google SafeSearch options Google image sizes Show estimates in results Specify div IDs to be exempt from search Link all search results Show description with results Include category/section in results Show read more
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